March 29, 2010

Another stitched card
Little girl Easter birthday card.

Do You Like Paper Crafts?

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March 23, 2010

Little Girl Jewelry

These were super easy to make. I bought some of the stretchy wire and some beads that looked like they might be pretty and went at it.

First I measured my daughter's wrist (4.25 inches)
Then I measured down 6 inches on my wire but I didn't cut it, I just tied a knot at the 6 inch mark. This made it easier to hold the string of beads. I kept dropping it when I cut the wire before stringing the beads.
Once you have the beads on in the pattern you like (I tried several before finally making a decision), loop the ends together and tie a knot over the one you already tied at the bottom. I tied a knot 3 times, just to make sure it would stay. Then, the lady I bought the beads from suggest using some kind of super glue to put over your knot for extra strength.

Cinch Bag

I bought my daughter a beautiful set of wooden blocks a few months back. I could have spent about 5 dollars more to get the cinch bag that came with them, but figured, hey...I can make one of those. Well, several months later I finally decided to do it. You can find the tutorial here. It is very easy and took me about an hour. Of course this is a modified version of the one in the tutorial because it is just a bag, rather than a back pack. I'm wishing I had made it a little bigger.

March 19, 2010

Baby Boy Card

This is the first homemade card I've done since Father's Day 2 years ago! I thought it turned out okay. I think Lori really liked it. I stitched the word "baby" using 3 strands of embroidery/cross-stitching floss.
First just write lightly in pencil the word you'd like to stitch. Then poke holes with your needle, erase pencil marks and stitch. I found the idea for stitching cards in a magazine called Paper Crafts.

March 6, 2010

Latest Projects

Here's some proof that I really have been working on some projects. The first one is a crayon roll. You can find the tutorial at MakeItandLoveIt. I need to buy more Twistable Crayons to go in it. It can also fit skinny markers, colored pencils, regular crayons and even those little PipSqueak markers. The ones I have in the picture below are miniature Twistables by Crayola.

This advent calander was a panel I found at the fabric market. Each ornament is a pocket for a piece of candy and they are numbered 1-24. Each day leading up to Christmas you pull out a tasty treat. I haven't added the wooden dowel and rope to hang it yet.