June 12, 2008

Mod Podge Serving Plates

This is a fun and simple project and makes a great gift idea. I bought the clear glass plates at Wal-Mart. I think it came in a box of 8 or 12.

Spread Mod Podge underneath bottom of the plate
Place desired fabric over Mod Podge and smooth out, working out bubbles as you go
When it is fairly dry cut the fabric at the edge of the plate (another option is cutting the fabric prior to Mod Podging it, but make sure you get the measurement exactly right before cutting)
Spread more Mod Podge over the fabric and allow it to dry completely

You CANNOT wash these plates in the dishwasher. In fact you don't want to get the back wet if you can help it. They are for serving only. You can make one for every holiday and/or occassion. The one pictured below is a Spring plate. It was my first one, so not exaclty perfect.

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Carissa said...

Here's another alternative to this kind of thing http://www.makit.com/. My aunt does these all the time and they are really durable. I've never seen the photo ones in person, just the drawing ones.