August 20, 2009

How To Heat Seal a Ribbon

I know this is probably so simple and silly to some of you, but I've never had to "heat seal" a ribbon before. However I was working on a project today that included this as a step. So of course I had to look it up.

To heat seal a ribbon:
Simply hold the end of the ribbon tightly over a flame (candle, lighter, etc) and move from left to right once or twice.
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August 19, 2009

Compassionate Service

At my church we have what is called a "Compassionate Service Leader". This person is responsible for making sure that other women and their families are taken care of. It can be anything from someone needing meals brought to their home after a baby is born, to someone looking for a good home for their old clothes.

Well....I was asked or "called" to be the Compassionate Service Leader for our little branch. So I made up this folder that will be passed around each Sunday during our meetings. Its very basic and self explanitory. The women can write down their specific needs or write down that they have something they're giving away or selling for a great price. It will also have my phone number in the front cover, in case someone has a very personal need that they don't want everyone reading about :)
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Thank-You Card

I'm not very talented at card making, and I have no supplies to make cards whatsoever. I have cardstock and thats it. But here's proof that you don't have to have all the fancy trimmings to make a homemade card that looks {halfway} decent....
All I did was type "Thank You!" on my computer and then chose a font that I liked. I taped the printed letters on green cardstock and cut them out. Then cut the border with just siccors, no straight lines. Adds character?

August 16, 2009

New Fav Blog!

Thanks to a comment given under my tote bag post, I have found a new favorite blog for project ideas. Its called Make It And Love It . I have yet to see a project on her website that I don't absolutely love and want to try! So check it out!

August 13, 2009

Tote Bag

Here's a picture of my most recent sewing project. I'm not about to try to explain how to make this. So click HERE to see the tutorial that I followed. I made my bag a little smaller than the tutorial's, and I also added interfacing to the lining, and covered some cardboard and stuck it in the bottom to make the bag a little more sturdy. It turned out bigger than I expected. I fit the contents of my purse, 4 diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, and 2 bath towels in there yesterday when we went swimming.

August 3, 2009

Getting Rid of Unwanted Knats

I think thats how you spell it. Anyway, you know how sometimes you get those pesty "fruit flies" in your house? Maybe from your fruit, or your garbage, or your inside plants? Well, here is a solution I heard today (haven't tried it yet):

Crush up a garlic clove or 2.
Place them in a cup of water.
Allow them to sit overnight.
In the morning, or the next time you water your indoor plants, water them with the garlic water.

My friend swears by this, so if you try it let me know how it works out :)