September 21, 2008

Blog Award-September 21, 2008

Thank you Holly from Day 2 Day With Holly J for my first blog award! You're just too sweet! I'm so excited that you thought me worthy of it! The deal is I get to pass along this award to five other awesome people! So here's who the award goes out to:

1. A Daily Scoop ( The author of this blog, Stephanie, has experienced every mother's worse nightmare. She uses her blog as a way to help her through the grieving process. Because of Stephanie's willingness to share her experience and feelings, people from all over the world have been lifted and inspired. She has so much strength and faith, and I have learned a lot about being a mother from her.

2. OB Nurse ( The author of this blog uses her blog to explore all issues surrounding reproductive health, issues, and infant care. As I nurse I appreciate the work she does and love that she shares her experiences, thoughts, feelings, and knowledge with others.

3. Diet Divas ( The authors of Diet Divas have unified in one great common goal. Their goal is to get rid of excess weight, sadness, negativity, depression, low self-esteem, and bad self image. They provide recipes, motivation, exercise information, links to other great health and fitness websites, information on how to eat right, and a network of support for others with the same goals.

4. Mormon Mommy Blogs ( Mormon Mommy Blogs is a collection of the many Mormon women who have joined the blogging community. Sue created the site because of the stereotyping of 'mommy bloggers'. So she put together this site to show just how many of us there are and how very diverse and unique we all are. She's also created a network of friends who can learn from each other, support each other, laugh with (or at) each other, and so much more!

5. A Comfy Chair and a Good Book ( I love to read. And I actually used to write quite a bit, very passionately actually, but haven't since graduating high school. Anyway, Jeanette's blog is a great resource for finding books to read and sharing your thoughts and opinions about them.

September 6, 2008

Frugal Wall Decor

This is so simple and easy. My friend took pictures of a train, car, and boat that were on a quilt. Then she printed them and framed them in these 6x6 frames. What a creative and inexpensive way to add some decoration to a child's room.

Baby Food Lid Fun

This is a fun game my cousin created for her toddler. Very easy and very resourceful. She simply cut a slot in the lid of a Tupperware container and pulled out a bunch of old baby food jar lids. Her child loves putting the lids in the container like a piggy bank and then taking them out again.