October 11, 2008

New Toys You Don't Have To Buy!

Do your young kids have a TON of toys?
Does it seem like they get bored of their new toys after a week or 2?
Is your house getting cluttered by them?

If your child(ren) is anything like mine, then you answered yes to all of these questions.

Well here is an idea that may help. It came from my brother's wife's mother (lol). Take half of your pile of toys and put it in the garage or storage closet. In a couple of weeks or months, when the kiddos seem to be getting bored of the ones they have, swap the stored ones for the ones in the house and they'll feel like they have new toys to play with. I'm not sure if you could do this for older children, but I think it'd work great for early school-aged children, toddlers and babies. It will also clear out some of the clutter that might build up in the corner of your living room.


Mrs. Homemaker said...

Hi! I was blog hopping, and found your blog. Very cute!

We did this by accident, actually, and it worked very well. We got tired of the constant mess and loaded up lots of their toys, meaning to toss them. They got stuck in a box in the garage for several months, when the boys found them. It was like Christmas in July!

Anonymous said...

I have several friends that do toy swaps with older toys that they are planning on getting rid of. They all meet together every couple of months and have a lucheon and then swap toys.

Kristin said...

That is SO funny!! I told Jason I accidentally found your blog... of course, he teased me & accused me of stalking him. =) What a small world!! We just met Shelly & Jason since they moved to Ft. Benning, Braydon and my son Kaden have become best friends. We've only been stationed here, so we've never been to Ft. Rucker. I met your mom a few days ago, while she was here visiting... what a nice lady! Anyway, I love this blog... great info!! And I do the same thing with my younger two boys' toys. They share a bedroom and have WAY too many toys. You're right, it's almost like Christmas for them when you swap the toys out! They both have favorite ones that we always leave down though.

Shiloah Baker said...

LOL! We've done this for years and it works well! In fact, after our move we'll rotate again the kids will be so stoked!