July 9, 2009

Sewing Machine Cover

My husband bought me a sewing machine back in February for Valentine's Day. A complete surprise. Something I had been BEGGING for. Well, come July and its sitting on my desk like this......unused......
So I decided to learn how to use it this week. My first project was a sewing machine cover. Sewing machines are usually pretty expensive, so its important to keep them covered to protect them from dust, scratches, etc.

I think my machine is a pretty standard sized machine...so here is how I made the cover. It took me less than an hour. Keep in mind that I cut my fabric too large by accident, so you may want to measure your sewing machine to get a more accurate measurement. Also, I wanted my cover to touch the table, but some people just want them to cover everything but the base, so its totally up to you. You can make it however you want.

1. First I cut out 2 rectangles measuring 17" x 14" and one long strip measuring 7" x about 45".
2. Then I rounded the 2 top corners of my rectangles.
3. Next, I pinned one of my rectangles to the strip. I ended up having to trim a little bit off the end of my strip because 45" was too long. But thats okay. Better too long than too short. Pin the sides and the top, leave the bottom open.
4. After pinning the strip to one of the rectangles I sewed about 1/4 inch around the edge using my pressure foot as my guide.
5. Pin the 2nd rectangle to your stip and sew in the same manner as the first.
6. On the "wrong" side of your cover, fold up the bottom edge as far as you need to in order to make a hem. I folded mine up 2 1/4 inches because I cut my fabric too large. I later learned that on a hem you usually fold it up about 1/4 inch, press and then fold it up another 1/4 inch and press it again.
7. Press your seem with an iron.
7. Sew your hem and your sewing machine cover is finished!!


Launi said...

Good job on your sewing machine cover--it looks great.

PHannie said...

It looks great. I need to make one for my sewing machine. You have inspired me. It can be done.

~The Dippold's said...

Super cute!! I love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Good job on your sewing machine cover--it looks great...

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