March 23, 2010

Little Girl Jewelry

These were super easy to make. I bought some of the stretchy wire and some beads that looked like they might be pretty and went at it.

First I measured my daughter's wrist (4.25 inches)
Then I measured down 6 inches on my wire but I didn't cut it, I just tied a knot at the 6 inch mark. This made it easier to hold the string of beads. I kept dropping it when I cut the wire before stringing the beads.
Once you have the beads on in the pattern you like (I tried several before finally making a decision), loop the ends together and tie a knot over the one you already tied at the bottom. I tied a knot 3 times, just to make sure it would stay. Then, the lady I bought the beads from suggest using some kind of super glue to put over your knot for extra strength.

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