June 11, 2008

Homemade Burp Cloths

- Make sure you PREWASH ALL FLANNEL!
- Cut pieces 21 inches, by 31 inches.
- Iron over 1/4 inch on one of the short sides to make the outside finished edge.
- From the other side, measure 9 inches and fold on the line, then fold the finished edge over, overlapping the middle to make a rectangle roughly 21 X 13 inches.
- Top stitch up the finished edge about 1/8 inches in.
- Using the inside edge as a guide, top stitch up the edge of it to hold it in place. You will be able to feel the inside edge, I feel it and line it up with a mark on my sewing machine...This will give the look of thirds. Which is how I fold them.
- To finish the raw edges, cut the ends off so they are even. Then, if you have a surger, use it! If you have a surger stitch on your machine, use that, otherwise use a zigzag stitch barely overlapping the edge.

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