January 21, 2009

Dusting Solution

I have lots of blinds in my new apartment. In Korea there is a very thick black dust that covers everything inside and out. I've tried to use a cloth and dusting spray, but that usually just smears the dust and takes hours to clean. So I bought some of these little Swiffer Dusters and they worked wonders! I loved them! My blinds look amazing and it took half the time to get them all clean.


Laurel C. said...

Oh my word. That brings back a memory! I lived in Korea for 2 years with my military husband too. (Been back in the States for 2 years now.) That black dust never goes away! I could never get my floors clean! And just brace yourself for "Yellow Dust Storm" season in the spring. It gets worse!

I found your blog through Mormon Mommy Bloggers. Good luck in Korea!

Katie Webb said...

Thanks, I'm gonna need that good luck! Boy is it a culture shock here!